About us

Finding a legit company for anything online is now a hassle more than ever. With crooks opening up websites every day to con unsuspecting clients, there is need for you to stay safe online. When looking for a damage restoration company online, the best place to start is online. But, trust online is reducing by the day. This is why we start our website, a resource of vetted companies that operate within the Orlando, region of Florida.

Having gone through a disaster and requiring water damage and mold remediation services ourselves, we understand just how difficult it is to find a reliable company online. We get the frustration and the emotional distress that you go through in such a situation. No one would like to see the value of their property plummeting or having their health eroded by mold and other contaminants. We get that this period can be distressing and it is in this state that mistakes are made.

Our service was started out of compassion to provide people just like you with the information they need to overcome any questions that could be lingering in their minds. We also went further to vet and list the most reliable and the best companies in Orlando offering water damage restoration, fire damage restoration and mold remediation services.

With our service you can escape the trap of falling for frauds online. All our companies are vetted to ensure they are licensed and insured. We check that they have trained and certified personnel. We also ensure that they follow IICRC standards in their work and have substantial experience working with homeowners and property owners in Orlando, Florida.