Fire damage restoration Orlando Florida

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When a fire happens, the damage can be devastating. Even worse, the damage to your property continues way after the flames have been put out. Smoke and soot continues to permeate your property and belongings causing damage. Soot also possess health risks like respiratory problems and allergies when inhaled. Not to mention, the water used to put out the fire causes water damage to your property and items.

Immediately after the fire department is done putting out the fire, it’s time to seek professional fire damage restoration Orlando Florida. There are many problems that come with a fire, including structural damage to walls, floors, ceilings and the roof. Amenities including water pipes and plumbing may be affected also. It is imperative therefore that you seek the services of experts to help you get your property back to pre-fire conditions.

What is fire damage restoration and what does it entail?

Fire restoration Orlando FL, is the process through which a property and items damaged by a fire are cleaned, repaired and restored and the byproducts of fire eliminated from the property completely. After a fire happens, there is a progressive damage caused by water, soot and smoke.

Water causes damage to your structure and if left sitting in the property for long it can bring about mold. Soot and smoke on the other hand contain toxins that when inhaled aggravate asthma and cause respiratory conditions and allergies.

It is imperative therefore that you seek professional fire damage restoration in Orlando Florida to get your property back to its former glory. A good company will follow the following steps when offering fire damage restoration services;

Inspection – the process starts with a thorough inspection of the property to determine the damage and come up with a good plan to handle the restoration. Not all fires are the same and the damage caused by a fire varies from one property to another. This means therefore that the plan needs to be customized to your needs. The estimate is also given based on the scope of work to be done.

Securing the property - Fire damage Orlando might affect critical parts of the house like the exterior walls and roof. If this is the case the experts will start by securing the house to ensure safety. The walls will be boarded up while the roof can be covered with tarps to protect the belongings inside the house.

Debris removal and water extraction – fires leave a lot of burnt up debris that needs to be removed. While this is being done, inventory should be taken of all things that are completely destroyed and those that can be salvaged. This helps a lot in the insurance claims process. The sitting water used in putting out the fire is then extracted using truck mounted pumps and vacuums.

Soot and smoke cleanup – fire leaves behind soot and smoke that causes damage to your items and is also dangerous to your health. The professionals therefore pay attention and scrub every inch of the house and all items inside that might have soot or lingering smoke. After a thorough cleanup has been done, sanitization and deodorizing follows. This way the odor that forms after a fire is eliminated.

Drying and dehumidification – where water damage is involved, proper drying must be done to remove any excess moisture that can cause mold growth. Any moisture lurking in cracks, crevices and hard to reach spaces is completely eliminated. The experts will confirm eradication of moisture by checking moisture levels using moisture meters.

Repair and restoration – after everything is clean and dry, comprehensive repairs to the house begin. Professionals will check all the compromised parts of the property and repair them. If any part cannot be repaired it will be demolished and reconstructed anew. This way the structural integrity of your house is maintained just like the fire never happened.

Content restoration – the items affected by the fire including furniture, carpets and others will also be restored. Those that are not salvageable will be disposed of.

What makes a great fire damage restoration company?

Fire damage is devastating and can cause a lot of emotional distress to the property owners. The feeling of losing a property you have worked so hard for is definitely not a good one. You therefore, need a caring fire damage restoration company in Orlando Florida to guide you through the process.

A great fire restoration Orlando Fl company is one that handles your project with care. They keep you informed throughout the process and prioritize your satisfaction. It is a company that goes above and beyond to exceed your expectations and ease your burdens. It is imperative therefore that you take the time to choose a company that will resonate properly with your needs and customize a plan to meet them.

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