Orlando mold inspection

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Any signs of mold on your property should not be ignored. Whether you see visible mold growth or smell the musty odor of mold, it is time to call in the professionals to handle the mold for you. But before any mold removal or mitigation is done, comprehensive Orlando mold inspection is carried out.

While mold may seem just like an unsightly nuisance, if left untreated it can pose health risks to you and your family while causing damage to the surfaces it's growing on. It's imperative therefore that you find a reliable mold removal company for mold inspection Orlando. The professionals will work diligently to ensure your property is completely free and clear of mold.

When is a mold inspection necessary?

Here are some situations that will make a mold inspection necessary;

After buying a new property - before buying a new property it is advisable to have it checked for mold damage. Mold damage affects the integrity of the structure since it causes rotting. As such, having mold on the property significantly affects the value and you can use this to negotiate the price. Alternatively, you can ask the owner to have the mold removed and the house restored before you purchase.

If your property has been unoccupied for long - If a property has been unoccupied for long, there so much that could go wrong inside. It's possible for water leaks to happen or moisture can build up inside and cause mold growth. Ensure that you have the property inspected for mold before you occupy it again to be safe.

If you see signs of a mold invasion - there are visible signs of mold on a property. If you see discoloration on walls, ceiling and floor, it might be because of mold. You might also see the mold itself. If not, you can tell you have mold from the musty odor of mold and mildew. Whatever signs present, it is time to call in professionals for Orlando mold inspection.

If there is water damage - water damage is the leading cause of mold on many properties. If there was water damage whether through torrential rains, leaking pipes, leaking appliances or other causes mold may invade your property. You need to call in a professional to check whether you have mold especially if you didn't engage an expert for water damage restoration.

How is mold inspection done?

When professionals get to your property, they will begin the process of mold inspection by looking for the visible signs of mold. They will look around for patches of discoloration and whether you have visible mold on your property. But the process doesn't end there.

Professionals use state of the art equipment to identify spaces where mold could be growing out of sight. This includes spaces such as under baseboards, between walls and in other tight spaces. To do this, infrared cameras, moisture meters, snake cameras and other devices are used.

Sometimes during the inspection process, the inspector will need to remove panels, tiles, dry wall or other elements of your structure to get a glimpse behind. Don't worry as your property will be returned to pristine condition when they are done with it.

The mold inspection process will also involve the inspector taking to you. He will ask you questions regarding any sightings of mold or water damage and issues that might help the inspector during this process. It's recommended therefore that as the home or property owner you be present during the inspection.

The process of mold inspection is important because it also gives the inspector the scope of work required to restore your property. It is only after the inspection process that the inspector comes up with a plan on how to eliminate the mold and gives you an accurate estimate for the work to be done.

Be wary of a company that gives you an estimate before they come for the inspection. You might end up overpaying or they might keep adding extra costs to make up for the work done. Plus, the team will not have any plan prior which can lead to time wastage.

After Orlando mold inspection, you might require mold testing. Mold testing is done to determine the type of mold present on your property. There are different types of mold that can thrive in Orlando with some requiring unique techniques to get rid of. However, if what you have is a common strain, mold testing may not be necessary.

Is it time for you to schedule for mold inspection on your Orlando property? Whether for your home or commercial property, mold inspection is crucial for effective mold elimination. Get on call now with the best mold remediation companies in Orlando. We have already vetted the best companies to ease the process for you. No more hassles of interviewing companies and reading reviews. Get the best today.