Water damage restoration Orlando FL

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Water damage may happen sporadically in case of a burst pipe, flood, burst appliance or slowly without your immediate recognition in the case of a leaking appliance or leaking pipe. Regardless of the way the water damage happens, when water gets into your property the damage is progressive. The water will progressively seep into the building materials and household items causing damage. It is therefore imperative that you call water damage restoration Orlando FL professionals immediately you notice signs of water damage.

When water seeps into building materials especially wood it causes warping, rotting, discoloration, oxidation and splitting of wood. This affects the structural integrity of your building. If left to sit in for long or if not professionally dried, the water will also cause health hazards including mold contamination and poor air quality. Seeking the services of a professional water damage restoration company in Orlando FL is therefore a crucial decision you should consider making.

Whether you have a large issue from a flood, or a small issue from a leaking pipe, prompt response by a seasoned restoration company is the only way to ensure your property is back to pristine conditions and the health of your family is not at risk. You will end up saving money if you engage a professional because the job will be done right. Trying to do water damage restoration on your own can do more harm than good.

The water damage restoration process

What is the Orlando water damage restoration process like? What should you expect the professionals to do once they show up and how should the process be handled? Here is an overview of the process.

Inspection – the first step entails understanding what is causing water damage in your home if it is not at all obvious. The professionals will use equipment at their disposal and unique techniques to ensure the source is identified. If the water is still running, it will be shutoff to minimize the damage. During this stage, the inspector also takes time to understand the extent of the damage and hence the scope of work required so they can give you a fair estimate.

Extraction and drying – after agreement with the company, the work will start by extracting the standing water. Truck mounted vacuums or smaller ones will be used to suck out the water until all standing water has been removed. The property is then dried completely. Air movers and fans will be used to accelerate the process and ensure moisture levels in your house are back down to normal levels.

All items that are water soaked will be removed from the property and will only be put back once they have been inspected, cleaned and also dried.

Dehumidification and sanitization – After drying, dehumidification is done to ensure that moisture levels are back down to the right levels. This is important because it reduces the chances of mold growth in your house. After dehumidification sanitization and deodorization may be done to get rid of any odors or smells that might be lingering in your house.

Content restoration – a professional restoration company should also offer content restoration. This means that they should be able to salvage and restore items that might have been soaked by water including your furniture, carpets and electronics among other items. These items are restored and returned to the house to minimize your losses.

Reconstruction – the final stage entails reconstruction. The professionals will take note of any parts of the house that might have been compromised and need to be repaired and repair them. This is the only way to bring your house back to pre-damaged condition.

A good restoration company will go above and beyond throughout the restoration process to ensure you are safe, aware of what is happening, why it is happening, and satisfied with the work done.

Qualities of a great water damage restoration company in Orlando

If you are looking to hire a company for water damage repair Orlando, here are some qualities to look out for;

Dependable company – look for a company that has been offering water damage restoration Orlando Florida for a long time. This means they have a good reputation and necessary experience in the many methods of water damage cleaning and restoration. A good company will definitely have the history to prove they can do what they claim to do.

Trained and certified staff – not everyone can do water damage restoration properly. Specialized training is required for anyone who wants to do water restoration professionally. Additionally, there are certification bodies like IICRC, that certify workers that have been trained and passed their tests. A great company also ensures continued education for their staff members to keep abreast of any changes or advancements in the industry.

Licensed and insured – the last thing you want is to risk working with a company that is not insured or licensed to operate in Florida. Only work with a company that has proof of licensing and insurance to be protected from liability in case of any eventualities during the restoration process.

Exceptional customer service – dealing with water damage can be overwhelming for you and your family. You therefore need a company that prioritizes your satisfaction so you can take care of yourself and your loved ones. The one thing you do not need at this time is a company that adds to your stress. There should be clear and constant communication and updates given during the process to put your mind at ease. Any questions you might have should be answered fully to your satisfaction. If your gut feeling tells you something is off, it most probably might be. Trust your judgement and seek another company where you feel your needs are a priority.

We have saved you the hassle of interviewing and choosing a company yourself. The options out there can be overwhelming and deciphering a quack from a legit company when in a rush can be difficult. Use our resource of already vetted and approved water damage restoration companies in Orlando, FL. What’s more, you enjoy this convenience at no extra cost.